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Off the shelf or custom solutions

Not sure what you need beyond a faster, better, more innovative product development process? We can put together a program that meets your needs.  We can draw on existing workshop frameworks or build a plan specific to your unique needs.

Fractional CPO

Not quite ready for a fulltime Head of Product but need some ongoing regular support? Startup CEOs often lead the product in the early days (as they should).  Unfortunately that pretty quickly becomes unmanageable with the rest of the CEO demands.  Perhaps you have a small PM and Design team in place that needs coaching and guidance but you aren't ready or can't justify the full time Product leader yet. We can work together to define an affordable way for you to keep your burn rate down and still get the peices in places to keep your product moving forward.  


Gen AI Implementation

We are going through a societal shift right now. In the next 2-5 years there is very little that AI won't transform.  Software development is no different.  How are your teams thinking about the role of AI, both traditional logic based and generative AI? We'll dive into your current product to understand how you should be thinking about disruption, user experience, and innovation. 

Operations and process assessment

We'll start by getting a deep understanding of your team.  What are your strengths, weaknesses and gaps as a team.  Then we'll deep dive into your existing development process to understand the baseline specifically to the stage of your company and product adoption. Once we have a deep understanding of your current situation we'll develop a plan together that helps you evolve into a more effective product development team. 


Strategy development and execution

We need help with our roadmap! This is the most common request we see. In reality most organizations don't need a better roadmap, they need a clearer shared understanding of the current and future product stategy.  Defining this stategy and how you intend to execute on the strategy now and in the future is how you'll actually find the path to success.

Leadership alignment

The vast majority of challenges revolving around product development in most early stage organizations involve a lack of alignment.  Most commonly alignment between the CEO and the Head of Product leads to a breakdown in effective development.  Lack of alignment can sometimes extend to other leaders or even between departments.  We'll work with your leadership team to bridge the divide and develop an understanding of effective relationships for success.

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